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What is it all about?

This project is an opportunity for every car owner in Cyprus to start getting extra Income Without Changing anything in their lifestyle.

Your car running expense is around €7000 per year. What if you spend this money on your Kids, Rent, Traveling, Education, buying a House, a new Car, or any other dream you save money for? Would you be happy?

If yes, then simply let your Car cover all its expenses by itself while you enjoy your life.

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What makes UMI.CY the best? - UMI.CY

Benefits of Being UMI.CY Driver

Save Money

On average, annual car maintenance expense for Petrol, Insurance, M.O.T, Road Tax, Service, and a Car Loan accounts for 7088 Euro. Save it for something important to you!

Monthly payment

Payments go straight into your bank account every month as per our Agreement.

Social Media Ambassador

If you are active on Social Media and have a lot of friends with the same lifestyle, then we can offer you something Awesome!
All you need is to use your social media to help us advertise. In return, you will get rewarded by us and/or our sponsors.

Fun, Bonuses, Rewards

You can make more money by participating in Special Events, Quests, Marketing Tasks, Flash Mobs, etc. Just stay tuned with us on our Social Media.

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How Much You Can Make

umi car 1
umi car 2
umi car 3


Per week
Per month
Up to €360


Per week
Per month
Up to €480


Per week
Per month
Up to €600
Your journey starts here

How to get started

Fill in the driver application here.

Receive a confirmation e-mail with a unique driver's ID.

Send us by email four photos of your car.
Please write your driver's ID number at the head of the email.

Get notified by e-mail once your car matches one of the campaigns.

Check the terms and conditions of the campaign.

Reply, I agree. If you would like to join it, we will contact you shortly.

Start Earning Money with UMI.CY

Why Us? - UMI.CY
Why us

What Makes UMI.CY Unique?

UMI.CY platform connects Brands willing to pay FOR advertising with Drivers willing to earn FROM advertising.

Start earning now
What makes UMI.CY the best? - UMI.CY

Check out how other people drive with sticker ads!


Frequently Asked questions

Do you pay real money?

Yes, we do! Every work must be paid, as well as this one. We pay you real money monthly as a reward for your participation in development of a new and awesome marketing channel in Cyprus.

Do I have to pay for anything?

No! You don’t have to pay for anything at all and you will never have to. Our Service is and will always be FREE for the drivers. Our income is from the Brands that want to advertise on your car, never from car owners.

How much can I earn?

The amount of money you can make depends on several factors, including:

• How much you drive – The More you drive, the more you can make.
• Vehicle condition – The Newer your car, the more you can make.
• Size of Vehicle – The Bigger your car, the more you can make.
• Space used - The More Space on your vehicle used for advertising, the more you can make.
• The advertising company – Some companies pay more than others.
• What you’re advertising – You can make more money from certain advertisements.
• Presents and Prizes – From time to time, you will also receive Presents, Rewards, and Prizes from Advertising Companies.

A regular car driver can expect between €50 and €150 a week. Your passive extra income can be up to €500 a month. This is one of the easiest and funny ways to make money without changing anything in your lifestyle.

How do you pay?

We take your bank details on the day of the installation. The payments are then made into your bank account via bank transfer by the end of each month.
The payments will appear on your statement as coming from «Transferwise Ltd».

How do I get started driving for UMI.CY?

It is super simple! You can get started now by submitting your registration form.

What are the requirements to drive for UMI.CY?

• You must be 18 y.o. and older.
• You must have a valid driver’s license and car insurance.
• You must have a valid M.O.T and a Road Tax.
• Your car must be in your name unless you have written authorization from the owner.
• You must have clean driving records.
• You must be driving a minimum of 100-200 km/week.
• By the end of your Campaign you must send us a photo with your mileage reading so we can justify your route to the advertisers.
• Advertising Companies may ask to send them the photos of your car during the Campaign. The photos should be sent to within 24 hours after you received such a request.
• Be ready to increase your income.

What cars can take part in the Campaign?

Every car can participate in the Campaign, as long as it is yours and it fits the Campaign's requirements. For obvious reasons advertisers will not advertise on cars that are in bad conditions.
To be accepted for the Campaign your car must be:'

1) In good or higher condition.
2) It should not have major damage or deep scratches (the sticker will not fit).
3) It should be clean and remain clean at all times during the Campaign.

For how long do I do it?

The Campaign can last from 3 days up to 2 weeks. Some get extended, and if this happens, you will have the choice to stay on the Campaign or leave it.
But most of the Campaigns are for a short period. You can choose a Campaign whose duration suits you the most.
Stickers should remain on your car from the beginning of each Campaign till the end.
When the Campaign ends, we will book a time to remove the stickers. Don't do it yourself, please.

Can I choose what to advertise on my car?

Oh, Yes! We would never want you to display an ad that you are not comfortable or happy with.
You have the right to refuse a particular Brand or Ad if you do not want it on your car. We will keep you on record and inform you of new upcoming Campaigns.

Will the stickers damage my car?

No! Provided that your car’s paintwork is of original factory standard, there should be no issues. We use high-quality vinyl-designed stickers for temporary use on vehicles.

In a small minority of cases - typically when a car has had a low-cost re-paint or cosmetic repair - the vinyl can affect the paintwork. We have no way of checking this beforehand and so cannot provide a guarantee that your car is in a suitable condition. If it is so, you have to inform us about it beforehand. That said, the vast majority of the cars have zero problems.

Wrap Installation

Once you are selected for a Campaign, we will contact you to coordinate and schedule your installation.
We, of course, cover all costs associated with the installation and removal of the wrap.

Can I get paid more?

Always! If you are active on Social Media and have a lot of friends with the same lifestyle, then we can offer you something Awesome! All you have to do is to take a few photos of your car and share them on your social media like Fb, Inst, and Tik-Tok with the Campaign's hashtag during your Campaign. Feel free and be creative when taking photos, impress us! 😊

If your friends like your creation then we are happy to pay for it.
Every post that hits at least 100 likes gets €10.
Example: 7 Days Campaign = 7 Photos = €70 extra on your monthly payment.

Can I take part in a new Campaign after the previous has finished?

Of course! If you place your request before the Campaign starts you will be able to participate again.
We will remove previous stickers and install new ones.

Special Tasks. Is it obligatory?

We have many interactive options - flash mobs and quests (from taking a photo of your car in popular locations to finding hidden tips in the city)!
Don't worry – they are not obligatory, but will influence your earnings and benefits. Plus, they are really fun! Just Stay tuned.

Are there any additional terms of participation?

All terms are written in our Terms and Conditions, that you can read on